Why Twitter is worth the time

I can’t believe I’m still having to make this case. But I can throw a rock and hit half a dozen people in our company who –at the mention of Twitter– will huff, “I don’t care about what some stranger had for lunch!”

I think most of them know that something more important is going on but they don’t want to admit they might be wrong on the topic. And because they are NOT part of “the conversation,” they don’t see tweets like these on the Twitter page of Mark Neumann, a candidate for governor in Wisconsin, where our company operates a news network.

Neuman has almost 3,600 followers and some of them –who might not otherwise– might hit the link to our site to hear the interview with their guy.

PS: This is the kind of blindness that brings out the smart ass in me.

5 thoughts on “Why Twitter is worth the time

  1. Andy: Do you mean you literally gave up FB for Lent? Like, a religious thing? Do you mind sharing your reasons?

  2. Twitter is all about what you make.

    Do I care what Ashton Kutcher does? Hell no.

    But I do enjoy tech pundits tweets, race car driver tweets, and politico tweets (with a little bit of pop culture tweeters for good measure)

    Jeff Jarvis calls things like Twitter Hyper-Personal. It is what you make it. If you’re into photography there are plenty of photography tweets out there.

    I gave up Facebook for lent. I don’t miss it and I’ve been using Twitter more and more.

  3. You have talked about Twitter as a growing force in our society for a couple of years. On issues like this you have be ability to see the future before the rest of us.

    No doubt that Twitter has had explosive growth the last couple of years. Based on your suggestions I’ve tried it a couple times but I still don’t get it. As your colleagues at work say ““I just don’t care about what some stranger had for lunch!”

    I mean, there are only so many hours in the day…

  4. Todd:

    I agree. No right or wrong here. My choice to pass on FB is a personal one. It is obviously and important platform.
    I think it might, however, be a mistake to completely dismiss social media as a silly waste of time. That was the point of the post.

  5. It’s because ashton kutcher has 4,607,979* followers and is the most popular ‘thing’ on twitter.

    I like facebook, you don’t
    You like twitter, I don’t

    I’m not wrong for not liking twitter anymore than you are wrong for not liking facebook. Do we really need to spend our time going back and forth on it….unless….that IS our thing.


    *as of 10:31 PST, 3/4/10

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