The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (movie)

I don’t watch a lot of subtitled, foreign films but I’m looking forward to the DVD of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. It’s a Swedish film based on a novel by Stieg Larsson. Here’s a excerpt from Roger Ebert’s review:

“This is not a deep psychological study. But it’s a sober, grown-up film. It has action, but not the hyperkinetic activity that passes for action in too many American movies. It has sex, but not eroticism. Its male lead is brave and capable, but not macho. Its female lead is sexy in the abstract, perhaps, but not seductive or alluring. This is a movie about characters who have more important things to do than be characters in an action thriller.”

The main character is Lisbeth Salander (best hacker in Sweden). A U.S. remake is in the works but you can watch the trailer here. Makes me want to learn Swedish.

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