“Some things need to be believed to be seen”

Excerpts from Adam Bryant’s interview with Guy Kawasaki:

  • “I learned from Steve Jobs that people can change the world. Maybe we didn’t get 95 percent market share, but we did make the world a better place. I learned from Steve that some things need to be believed to be seen.”
  • “We believed in the Mac division that we were making the world a better place by making people more creative and productive. Google, at its core, probably believes it’s making the world a better place by democratizing information.”
  • “Make yourself dispensable — what greater accomplishment is there than the organization running well without you?”
  • “You should conduct first- and second-round (hiring) interviews by phone, not in person.”
  • “(Business schools) should teach students how to communicate in five-sentence e-mails and with 10-slide PowerPoint presentations.”

That last bullet is my new objective. If you get a longer email from me, remind me of this post.

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