“Radio” now “Audio” in State of News Media Report

The annual Pew Project for Excellence in Journalism’s “State of the News Media” report is out and lostremote’s Steve Safran posts some highlights here. I’m reading the entire report but found something interesting on the Pew website. No radio. Sound with no pictures is now called “AUDIO.”

Is that significant? I think it might be but I’m not show how. If this were to catch on, it might become a problem for a few of our networks (Radio Iowa, Wisconsin Radio Network, Nebraska Radio Network, South Carolina Radio Network) down the road. Will I live to see a time when “radio” is an  anachronism? Hard to imagine, but…

2 thoughts on ““Radio” now “Audio” in State of News Media Report

  1. This move makes Podcasting that much more main stream. And that makes me happy.

  2. I’m still amazed that my wife and daughters, all of whom have I-pods, bother to listen to radio at all. They listen in the car, rarley at home. Let’s say radio is trending towards anachronism…

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