Streaming live video has never been easier. Ironically, the bigger challenge is coming up with something anyone would care to watch. Which I clearly demonstrated this morning at the Coffee Zone.

In the photo above, you can see my BT-1 wireless webcam atop the Rocket Fuel storage tank. I was sitting about 25 feet away and never lost the signal.

Instead of uStream or qik (which works with mobile phones only, as far as I can tell), I used a nifty site called TwitCam. The screenshot below is really all there is to twitcam. And, yes, it’s free. For now. You just log in with your Twitter info and go. TwitCam records as it streams. No option for live stream only, as far as I could determine. I don’t see how video can get much easier than this.

As soon as I can come up with something worth the bandwidth, I’ll take this back to the state capitol.

2 thoughts on “twitcam

  1. Aleya:

    Not silly. But it’s been a while. Let me play with this tonight and get back to you. Don’t want to give you bad info.


  2. Hey!

    I have a silly question for you – how did you get Twitcam to “see” the BT-1 instead of your iSight? I’m about ready to give up. Any help you could offer would be great!

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