“The Future Journalist”

Found these (and much more) at Mashable. Specific digitally-oriented skills and traits a future journalist would need. These include being:

  • a multimedia storyteller: using the right digital skills and tools for the right story at the right time.
  • a community builder: facilitating conversation among various audiences, being a community manager.
  • a trusted pointer: finding and sharing great content, within a beat(s) or topic area(s); being trusted by others to filter out the noise.
  • a blogger and curator: has a personal voice, is curator of quality web content and participant in the link economy.
  • able to work collaboratively: knowing how to harness the work of a range of people around him/her — colleagues in the newsroom; experts in the field; trusted citizen journalists; segments of the audience, and more.

If you are a working journalist, could you get the job you have today based on the requirements above?

One thought on ““The Future Journalist”

  1. As well as the ability to spell and punctuate, how about an interest in the job rather than just doing it an an option to NASDAQ trader or NASCAR driver ? Passion will generate creativity, much lacking from journalism these days. Big subject, small comment from someone who spent a lot of time talking with US and UK foreign correspondents who covered Vietnam in the 60’s.

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