Video: Live vs. Recorded

While I’m fascinated by tools like qik and ustream and the ability to stream live video, I’m hard pressed to think of times when it makes more sense to stream something live than simply record it and post it –with much better quality– half an hour later.

I guess live makes sense if you are always live but most optimally live events will be over by the time you let folks know about it. If I’m missing some obvious application here, please let me know.

Okay, I just thought of one. If the governor calls a news conference for 2:00 p.m. to announce job cuts, I can imagine people wanting to watch that live. But so many more people will see the recorded version (over time).

It’s nice to have the capability of streaming live, but I think I’ll use it sparingly.

UPDATE: Or the Oscar nominations. Which streamed live this morning.

5 thoughts on “Video: Live vs. Recorded

  1. I shall be having a go at broadcasting Soxer TV live from the town on Wednesday if I go down there. It will poss be via GPRS. Shall also have a go next time I am in McDonalds which may be Friday.

  2. iPhone –> Coffee Zone wifi –> qik

    Should work great on your Nokia. Start with a free acct at

  3. So what’s the chain ? I phone – local WLAN or GPRS ? then via ?

    I’d like to try something similar from my Nokia E 72 but apart from sitting in McDonalds and logging in to their free WLAN I don’t know where to start – Ideas oh great one ?

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