No more fancy embedded audio players

There is no shortage of audio player plug-in’s for WordPress. But I’ve had a dickens of a time finding one that works reliably with the theme I’m using here at (and on a bunch of other sites, for that matter).

I sort of like the way the player looks and it feels like the audio begins playing a little faster (than a simple text link to the MP3 file). But I’m tired of screwing around with these things and have decided (for now) to skip the Flash or Java or whatever the hell kind of code these things use.

I don’t know from shit when it comes to Flash and Java and all that so I’m just gonna go with a plain old text link. Should load whatever app or media player you have configured for MP3 files. And if you’d like to download the MP3 file, now you can.

Ahh. Feel better already.

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