Pimp my netbook

Local artist Jim Dike pinged me for advice on a new computer and wound up buying a Dell netbook. He wanted good battery life and reports the new Dell can run for 8 hours on a charge.

And it will look smashing the entire time. All you need is some clear sticker paper and colored sharpies (and a pick-up truck load of talent). Not sure how I feel about putting “sticker paper” on m precious MacBook Pro, but I’m tempted.

3 thoughts on “Pimp my netbook

  1. Well of course the Dell needed some sprucing up, it’s not as sexy as your MBPro. Dell offers stickered laptops including a couple designed by an artist acquaintance of my, Tristan Eaton: (http://bit.ly/5AOHtT).

    If ever you were to feel tempted to sticker your MBPro (or just about any other portable device) with some art, there’s always Gelaskins (http://bit.ly/7KotJn) so you don’t need that truckload of talent to look spiffy. But I still think MacBook Pros look sexy on their own!

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