Lady Gaga meets Pattern Recognition?

Okay, this post is for William Gibson fans only. Specifically, fans of his novel, Pattern Recognition. Here’s a grossly over-simplified plot summary. Actually it’s not even that, but I had to provide some context, so…

“…a cult-like group of Internet obsessives strives to find meaning and patterns within a mysterious collection of video moments, merely called “the footage,” let loose onto the Internet by an unknown source.”

This morning on his Twitter feed, Gibson posted:

“That putative Lady Gaga virus is as seriously Footage-y as anything I’ve seen on YouTube.”

Curious, I found my way to this video:

UPDATE: There were a couple of videos on YouTube to which I had linked but they’ve been pulled. Very suspicious.

One thought on “Lady Gaga meets Pattern Recognition?

  1. Yes, very much like how I envisioned The Footage. (I loved reading Pattern Recognition.) I wonder if this isn’t the same art director that worked on the 2000 film, The Cell? That flick was really creepy and arty all at once, too (shiver).

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