Waiting in line in the dark and the cold

Sarah Palin has another book signing at noon today at the Barnes & Noble in Sioux City, Iowa. Supporters spent the night in the parking lot in hopes of getting their book signed. My friend Kay drove up from Des Moines to cover the event and took some photos. The wind chill was about 9 degrees.


Her story and photos got me thinking about things about which I care enough to wait in line, in the cold (I hate both). I couldn’t come up with much.

There was the time George (pictured), David and I waited in bitter cold weather to attend a taping of Digg Nation in St. Louis.


I had not idea San Francisco could be so cold at 4:30 a.m. or I would not have waited in line to see Steve Jobs give a keynote at MacWorld.

But the coldest of the cold will always be (I hope) the inauguration. My hands are shaking just typeing these words.


For whom/what have you/are you willing to wait all night in the freezing cold?

One thought on “Waiting in line in the dark and the cold

  1. 1. TWiT.tv event, anywhere. Would wait outside the TWiT cottage just to meet Leo
    2. Diggnation taping
    3. Tekzilla taping (just to meet Patrick)
    4. Event where I got to meet the President (any President)

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