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Obama can and (I hope) will do good things during the remainder of his term(s). But he has already demonstrated (to me) that he is not man I supported and helped elect.

It’s tempting to rationalize that he’s smarter than W and less crooked than Cheney et al, but I hate it when the neocon goobers play that game so I won’t.

The “surge” in Afghanistan pushed me over the edge. I can’t convince myself the decision wasn’t politically motivated. (Big sigh)

UPDATE: (12/5/09) This story by Peter Baker in the New York Times (yeah, I know… I know) about the process leading to the decision to send more troops (and a little reflection) has brought me to the conclusion that I can not know what is in the heart of this –or any– man. Excerpt:

“Unsatisfied, the president posed a series of questions: Does America need to defeat the Taliban to defeat Al Qaeda? Can a counterinsurgency strategy work in Afghanistan given the problems with its government? If the Taliban regained control of Afghanistan, would nuclear-armed Pakistan be next?”

If politics played a role in the president’s decision, God help him. But I can’t know. And I can’t lead… I’m not sure I can follow… but maybe I can get out of the way.

7 thoughts on “Me with a politician

  1. Is it in this countries’ best interest to pull out of Afganistan right now?
    I don’t think so, even if that’s what we all want sometimes President’s have to put their big boy pants on and do what’s right for the country even though it’s not what most people want them to do.

    I HOPE that the surge will work, I hope.

  2. “You have to remember he’s hogtied by congress. What else could he do?”

    So, the president of the United States needs the approval of congress to bring our troops home? I didn’t know that. I thought the Commander in Chief could just order them to return.

    Yes, there would be a shit-storm. Yes, he would probably lose in the next election. So what?

    THAT would be change I could believe in.

  3. You have to remember he’s hogtied by congress. What else could he do? If Iraq was the wrong war, then we have to finish the right one, right?
    I don’t think Afghanistan can be “solved.” What he did, though, is add time-tables for withdrawal. Regardless if this plan works or not, we now have an option for getting out, which is an improvement.

  4. He is –first, last and always– a politician. I dared to hope he was more than that because I thought we needed/need more.

    I got in the back seat with the quarterback of the football team because I believed he loved me. I’m no longer waiting for his call.

  5. It seems like someone is driving him away from himself. I agree he’s not the same person I voted for…I feel like Emauel or Jarrett are forcing him to the center to set him up for re-election.

    But to me it seems like the surge did work in Iraq…perhaps it would in Afgainistan as well? I don’t know, I’m not an expert.

  6. Unfortunately, only politicians wind up on the ballot. And then, no matter how idealistic their pre-election message, once elected they are stuck with the pre-existing medium.
    Yeah, I’m disapponted, too.

  7. If Mike Royko had been alive, you’d have heard more about the Chicago politician before he got elected. He seemed to appear out of nowhere, like Superman arriving from Krypton. He did have a past, though.

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