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Flickr has something called “interestingness.” I don’t know if this is new or I just never noticed. A photo gets included based on “where the click-throughs are coming from; who comments on it and when; who marks it as a favorite; its tags” and other stuff. You can spend hours on interestingness so don’t go unless you have some time.

Not sure why, but there’s a calendar view in case you wanted to see interesting photos from June, 2008, for example.

Screen shot 2009-12-07 at Mon, Dec 7, 7.39.16 AM

One thought on “flickr interestingness

  1. This isn’t new…. it’s been around for as long as I’ve been using flickr. When searching for slide photos, I always sort by “interestingness” first. That’s where you find the really cool stuff.

    Only if the “interestingness” filter fails to find something useful do I resort to sorting by relevance.

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