XM Radio burning up on re-entry

This post from a year ago is still getting comments. The latest from “Will”:

“Just canceled. Used the corporate customer relations number. XM had my account all screwed up. They deactivated my account and would not waive the $14 reactivation fee. I asked if they could not or would not. They said they could do it, however, go %^&$ yourself. (not quite in those terms) I’ve been with them since inception and had up to 5 radios at one time. Kept canceling a radio every time they raised the family plan prices. Very short sited company. At least I saved a few hours on hold finding this number on this blog.”

My little post is 4th result of almost 98,000 search results. And all of the comments are in this vein. Doesn’t this scream that the company knows they won’t make it and have adopted a scorched earth strategy?

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