Why are there no funny Republicans?

Missouri’s senior senator, Kit Bond, will be on The Daily Show Monday night, promoting his new book, The Next Front (about spread of Islam in Southeast Asia). I learned of this from a blog post by Missourinet reporter (and Fox News mole) Steve Walsh.

Steve refers to Stewart’s “disdain for conservatives” and notes the senator “will have to be on his guard” as Stewart “probably tries to poke fun” at him.

Makes you wonder why any good conservative would appear on The Daily Show. Why put yourself through that ordeal? Wait, I think I’ve got it…

Book sales. And, ultimately, money. And the opportunity to sound a clarion call to warn the pinkos who watch Stewart of the next big threat to American freedom. (Didn’t we do the Southeast Asia thing already?)

My guess is the hubris and arrogance that courses through the veins of every member of congress assures them they are more than a match for some comedy talk show host.

A final note: Why are there no (intentionally) funny Republicans? Didn’t Fox try to produce a conservative answer to The Daily Show a couple of years ago?

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