The entire world through a tiny wire

DSL-wireAfter a few misstarts, my Internet service was restored yesterday. The problem was a tiny broken wire and as I watched the tech repair it, I marveled at just how much flowed through that gossamer thread (come on, when will I get another chance to write “gossamer thread”?).

Movies, photos, TV shows, audio, conversations from a world away. It makes a boy think about the “digital divide.” Every child should have high-speed access to the net. And I believe they will. Mobile access to the Internet will continue to change the world. And for the better.

2 thoughts on “The entire world through a tiny wire

  1. Steve,
    I know how you feel. Everytime I need to reset our modem because the internet isn’t working a hope beyond hope that it will fix it. If it didn’t then I would be in the fetal position holding the modem hoping it would work.

    Thank god for the iPhone because now at least I would have some contact to the outside world even if our home line was dead

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