Why they’ve started putting soap in boxes

I’ve recently noticed most popular brands of bar soap are sold in boxes, instead of just the paper wrapper. You don’t have to be a genius to figure this out. It makes it a little less obvious –in the store– to see that they’re giving you less soap for the same prices.


The bar on the top is Dial (4.0 oz). The bar on the bottom is Ivory (4.5 oz). It appears to my untrained eye that they’ve shaved more than half an ounce but Ivory is probably less dense (it floats!).

One of the marketing shills would undoubtedly try to convince me the big dip and rounded corners make it easier to hold some horse shit.

It is my sincere hope –long shot, I know–  than in a couple of months I can search Dial Soap and find this post on the first page of Google results.

2 thoughts on “Why they’ve started putting soap in boxes

  1. I didn’t realize anyone bought bars of soap—I thought we had all migrated to body washes and loofah sponges and the other metrosexual body cleansers—I am almost certain a marketer convinced me that was the best way to get clean. “Maintenance for my mansuit” if you will…http://www.dialformen.com/d4m/dfm.html

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