Song of @fezmonger

Going for a bike ride and leaving the phone behind.
Keep the ratings up and don’t forget to roll
the credits when you’re through.

It is days like this that I wish
I had a café lifestyle
and not the sit in front of a computer
life I have today.

The train is running extra slow today.
Not a surprise considering
the rain tends to jack it up.
Gonna be a looong ride home.

This train is moving
a bit slower than I would like.
At this rate we won’t reach basecamp by tea time

And it begins again. I hope the train shows up soon
my cloud cover is breaking up
and it looks to be a hot day ahead

Sitting on the train platform in a warm LA night.
At least the smoke has cleared out…
I’ll be back here tomorrow

The damn couch keeps calling my name.
I’m trying to get something… hell anything, done today
but a nap sounds so very nice

The lines above were compiled from random tweets by Jason Rogers. No words were added or deleted. I did break lines as spirit moved. I hope someone with music in their soul can make this sing.

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