Black & white dreams

My dreams always seem to happen at night. Rather the dream scenario unfolds after dark. Or so I’ve always thought. Could be all those episodes of I Love Lucy.

“A 2008 study at the University of Dundee in the U.K. found that people who grew up when television was invented sometimes have dreams in black and white, while those who have experienced only color television usually have colorful dreams.”

“…almost all of our dreams have a narrative quality. Most of the ones we remember also have some sort of troubling aspect to them, which is why they stick out in our minds.”

From article on what blind people see when they dream.

2 thoughts on “Black & white dreams

  1. It was recently explained to me that we all actually dream in color (unless we’re in the UK; then we dream in colour). Apparently before tv/motion pictures no one would have thought they dreamed in black & white because they had no experience in seeing life that way. If you have a dream that you think was black & white, it’s (according to this theory) that the colors have faded from your memory. This happens because the colors aren’t important so there’s no reason for your brain to retain those bits. An example given was that just because you don’t remember something in the dream (like color) it doesn’t mean it wasn’t “there.” If you dreamed you were on a roller coaster you will not remember that you were wearing shoes unless there was something important pertaining to the shoes. That doesn’t mean you weren’t wearing shoes in the dream, just that you don’t remember them because your brain filters them away as unimportant information when you recall the dream.

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