“Official” Song of Kennett, MO

I’ve posted this little ditty a few times but it’s buried deep in 4,000+ posts. So here it is a again, tagged and categorized, for your listening pleasure. The song was recorded sometime back in the ’60’s (?) to promote the town (and the sponsoring businesses). Feel free to download the song, re-post, spread it far and wide. May it play for a 1,000 years.

Kennett, My Home town (MP3)

One thought on ““Official” Song of Kennett, MO

  1. What a great song! Somehow I had this song on a 45 (?) that was yellow, and I took it to Semo my freshman year in college, 1974. I played it all the time, so much that I absolutely learned it by heart and can sing it on demand. However the demand has slowed to a halt. Somehow let’s revive this song! We do still have the hospitality, the daughter of Carload Faulkner and the memories of Big John McClain.

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