New scoreboard at Mizzou

Learfield Videographer (and part-time chief operating officer) Roger Gardner took his little Flip video camera to Saturday’s football game between Mizzou and Bowling Green and brought back some nice clips, including this one of the big new scoreboard.

We live in a YouTube world. Well, a video world. On our desk tops, on our phones… and we sure as heck want it during our football games. Even with the flip video, you get a sense of how good the new scoreboard video is. And that black area above the video panels, with the Tiger logo? Speakers. Big…ass…speakers.

And I did enjoy the stylin’ and attitude of the players during the video introductions. Sheeeeiiit.

2 thoughts on “New scoreboard at Mizzou

  1. Impressive video quality. I’ve often thought of going video, for capturing soxers, but I was never sure what cam to go for (apart from wanting a pocket sized one). Of course money is a problem too (not having any).

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