Just tell me how he did it

In the photo above, a single strand of spider web… stuff… stretches from a branch in the tree all the way down to a plant (out of frame) sitting in the middle of a table on the deck. All I want to know is how the spider got the web from point A to point B. Go.

3 thoughts on “Just tell me how he did it

  1. Even though you couldn’t hear it, I’ll bet there was a little spider “weeeee!” involved.

  2. That actually seem plausible to me. More so than a tiny grappling hook, fired from a little Batman-type device… and then one of those long, scary slides over to the deck table.

  3. The spider was up in the tree, decided to just hang out off the tree for a bit to see what it might be able to catch on a single strand of gossamer (“how many bugs can you catch on a single strand” is a little game spiders play for bragging rights). It spun some gossamer, and was hanging there waiting, when a gust of wind blew it towards the deck. It frantically started spinning more gossamer to maintain its hangout position but the wind was too fast and strong and blew the spider, gossamer and all, further away from the tree. The spider used its silk to catch hold of the first earthbound thing it saw, and was thus “planted.”

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