Leo Babauta (zenhabits) has a very good list of tips on how to cultivate your creativity. Here are a few of my favorites from his list:

  • Shut out the outside world.
  • Reflect on your life and work daily.
  • Just get it out, no matter how crappy that first draft.
  • Teach and you’ll learn.
  • Drink ridiculous amounts of coffee.
  • Write all ideas down immediately.
  • Turn your work into play.
  • Get lots of rest. Overwork kills creativity.
  • Don’t force it. Relax, play, it will start to flow.
  • Do it when you’re excited.
  • Don’t be afraid to be stupid and silly.
  • Small ideas are good. Don’t need to change the world — just change one thing.
  • When something is killing your creativity, kill it.
  • Most of all, have fun doing it.

If I might add one idea to this excellent list (be sure to check out the full list from link above), you have to be in an environment that will allow (better yet, encourage) creativity. I’ve been so blessed for most of my working life. I guess this means working for the right company or working for yourself.

One thought on “Creativity

  1. He’s right when he says “Don’t force it. Relax, play, it will start to flow.” when i try to sit down to “think” about about what to blog I can never think of anything. But when I’m playing on the computer and I think that there would be something good to blog about. Not that anyone reads my blog.

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