Severe obstacle shortage

I had a feeling the iPhone would lead me to interesting places and, after using it with Twitter, YouTube, Posterous, flickr and all the rest, I’ve realized something that might seem obvious to most of you but sort of slipped up on me.

We’ve run out of obstacles.

I’m thinking of all the obstacles that have made it difficult or impossible for a non-geek reporter to report a story to the world. In almost real time. If you can’t afford an iPhone (or similar device) and your company doesn’t provide one, yes, that’s an obstacle. But not for long.

Clunky, hard-to-use websites; dial-up connection speeds; crummy video and audio recorders; heavy laptops… all made it just a little (or lot) too hard to put “rich media” online. But no more.

I’ve grown so accustomed to Old School reporters pointing out these very real challenges, it didn’t occur to me –until today– these have pretty much faded away.

The only thing left is: “I don’t want to.” Oh, I suppose you could also go with, “It’s not my job,” or “I’m already over-worked and under-paid,” but the technical hurdles have all been cleared.

It’s like that deafening silence when the construction crew outside your window turns off the air-hammer after a couple of hours ripping up concrete. Spooky.

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