Final day in DC

The National Air and Space Museum was one of the more interesting places we visited in Washington. The original Wright Brothers plane, the Apollo 11 command module… a lot of history. Would take days to see it all.

During the cab ride back to the hotel, we struck up a conversation with the driver and asked about celebrities-he-has-driven. His list included: Telly Savalas, Senator James Lugar and the Reverend Jesse Jackson.

Best tipper? Telly. Gave the guy a $50 on an 8 dollar fare. Worst? Jesse stiffed the guy. Not a penny. Our driver still can’t believe it. About 4 our of 10 fares do not tip. Amazing.

Our friend –and DC local– Dianne took us to a hole-in-the-wall BBQ spot that was pretty damned good. Then a stroll in Georgetown. Somehow not as sexy as it seems in all the spy novels.

It’s been a good trip but we’re both ready to see our dawgs, deal with our dead refrigerator and get a cup of Rocket Fuel.

2 thoughts on “Final day in DC

  1. My Telly Savalas link should have been to wikipedia. Does now. Thanks for reporting the error.

  2. I was very surprised to find that official Telly Savalas web site you linked to especially withthe business opportunities link on there. Like he has been deceased for a long time… He won’t be promoting More or lollipops.

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