“100% User-Controlled Radio”

Later this month (28th), CBS Radio will debut “… the industry’s first 100 percent user-controlled, on-air radio program” Sunday nights on KITS-FM in San Francisco. The website is called Jelli. [ADWEEK]

“A far cry from the days of phone-in requests, Jelli gives listeners complete control, just as if they were in the station studio. Using Web-based, real-time voting and other features, listeners create the playlist, determining what is broadcast over the airwaves seconds before it plays. The community can even vote to pull a song off the air instantly.”

I think I agree with James at Podcasting News. Feels a little gimmicky. I wonder if OFF is one of the options.

One thought on ““100% User-Controlled Radio”

  1. Whole Wheat Radio, grass roots,independent music and internet only, station has been doing this for over five years.

    Listeners control what is played through hundreds of listener created shows based on musical tags, moods, artists, albums or listener rankings. It works for their small online community and leads to a unique variety of interesting music placement.

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