Look! My old skate key!

Moving this blog has been analogous to moving a house in which you’ve lived for a number of years. You find yourself stopping to paw through some old box of junk/treasure you had forgotten about, trying to recall why you saved some of it in the first place.

You find a few things you want to drag back out and put on the mantle or, at least, somewhere you can find it again. Which brings me to tagging.

In seven-plus years, I’ve accumulated more than four thousand posts and it’s already a challenge to find thing things I know I’ve written and/or linked to. In another seven years…

Google search helps but the key it tagging and I’ve done a reasonable job of putting my posts into a couple of dozen categories. But going forward, I plan to get more granular. For example, Blade Runner would go in the MOVIE category but I’ll add tags: science fiction; Harrison Ford; Ridley Scott.

I’m sliding into librarian mode here but as more of our lives happen online, taxonomy becomes increasingly important. Fortunately, my new blogging platform (WordPress) makes this much easier to do.

If you look to the right and scroll up or down, you’ll see my category and tag “clouds.” The larger the font, the more posts linked to that word.

It’s pretty much the difference between a library with the Dewey Decimal System and one without. Tag those posts, kids.

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