Little Snapper worth a thousand words

I take a lot screen shots. Every day. In the bad old PC days, it involved hitting the prnscrn key, pasting into Word or Photoshop, etc etc. When I moved to the Mac it got easier, with some short-cut keys. But I still had to do the Photoshop thing if I wanted to annotate or add arrows or such.

Yesterday Bradley pointed me to Little Snapper, a new (?) app for the Mac. I won't event try to list or describe the features in LittleSnapper, there are just too many. But if you're a designer, developer, researcher or writer, you'll want this on your utility belt.

At $39, this is probably not a tool that everyone needs. But if you use screen grabs as much as I do, it's a must.

One thought on “Little Snapper worth a thousand words

  1. Little Snapper’s great! I got it as part of MacHeist’s most recent package. I think it’s 12 apps bundled and sold to benefit charity at the price of $39 total; a great deal. They’ll be doing it again later in the year. Worth looking out for it.

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