Is that a phone in your pocket?

Picture 2 I’ve been thinking about photos taken with mobile phones. Some users don’t know how to get them off the phone so they just use it as a storage (and “look at this”) device. Others email the photos to friends. And very few (I’m guessing here) publish their photos to an online site like flickr or Photobucket.

I didn’t think I’d take many photos with the iPhone. I almost always have a better camera with me and posting images here or on flickr is pretty easy. But not as easy as with the iPhone.

I haven’t posted many iPhone pix to my flickr account and only have about 40 in a Mobile Me gallery (Mobile Me is both Mac and PC, I think). But these pix are more of a gestalt view of my life than my flickr photostream.

And Twitter adds still another dimension. And video is on the way.

I don’t really have any conclusions about this. I’m just learning how the device, in conjunction with an ever more social web, make it so much more than a phone.

I’d be interested in hearing from others on this topic. Not just iPhone users but anyone with camera-enabled phone. Or anyone else, for that matter.

Back with one final thought…

BlackBerry users. They love their device, too. But –it seems to me– in a different way. I’ve never owned one but it seems to be more of an email (and, increasingly, a Twitter) thing. It’s about getting the job done. Staying in touch. I don’t get the sense they’re having as much fun as iPhone’rs.

Not sure I know any CrackBerry adicts who have switched to iPhone. If you have, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

One thought on “Is that a phone in your pocket?

  1. I have a BlackBerry curve (work) and an iPhone (personal) and have taken many pictures with both. I admit that most of the time both are a ‘look at this’ device but I’m really looking forward to the iPhone 3.0 update so we can send MMS messages. I also have a mobile me account but I’m ashamed to say I haven’t become familiar enough with it to auto upload the pics to the website.
    The picture quality of the BB doesn’t even come close to the iPhone but it does have a flash which comes in handy once in awhile.
    Not that you asked – I can type alot better and more accurately with the BB but I’ve had it longer as well.
    I travel alot for work and end up emailing alot of pics back to the wife and other family while I’m gone but on my last trip was in Canada and couldn’t use any of the data features because I didn’t want to pay the exorbitant roaming fees. Made me realize how dependent I am on the iPhone and all those apps.
    Also makes me feel sorry for all the CrackBerry adicts…..

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