Handy iPhone app from Nationwide Insurance

My buddy @georgekopp tipped me off to this little app. I am not a Nationwide customer but might switch to have something like this in my pocket. Gotta believe all insurance companies will follow suit. From the iTunes App Store:

“After a fender-bender or a more serious accident, your liable to be a little shaken up. It’s hard enough to remember to turn off your engine, let alone recall all the details you need to take care of. Nationwide Mobile helps answer “What next?”

Picture 1

Nationwide Mobile simplifies things with an Accident Toolkit that guides you through the steps to take after an accident.

  • Calls emergency services
  • Connect to towing services
  • Collect and exchange accident info
  • Stores your insurance info for easy lookup
  • Help Nationwide customers start the claims process
  • Locates nearest Nationwide agent
  • Takes accident photos and lets you record details
  • Handy flashlight function

George’s take-away was how deeply and quickly the iPhone has gone mainstream from a business perspective. Compare the above with just having your agent’s phone number on speed-dial.