Ghost Studios

When I got my first (and only) radio job in 1972, our FM station was mostly automated but the AM station was live from sign-on to sign-off. An "announcer" (or DJ if you prefer) was sitting at a control board, cuing up and "spinning" records, talking live into the microphone. It was the most fun I ever had and I'm grateful I didn't miss the opportunity.

This morning I'm wondering if there are still radio stations that operate this way. With 13,000+ stations, you'd think there would be at least one. Some hard-headed eccentric that just refuses to automate and cut staff.

If you know of such a station, leave us a comment.

4 thoughts on “Ghost Studios

  1. The moral of the story is, “Never let the truth get in the way of a good story.” Your down the street Kennett neighbor, David Ross

  2. I cannot name any by call letter, but I have talked to several. But when offered syndicated programs the fangs come out, and they make hissing noises. In fact, you might almost say that a trend has started for stations to “get back” to what radio once was…live and local.
    Yes, Virginia, there are real radio stations.

  3. Interesting. Also, there’s KDHX, one of the Public, Education, and Government (PEG) access television channels in St. Louis. Original programming that reflects the LOCAL community. Seems the only radio stations with variety and live DJs are the ones that corporations don’t own, like KOPN in Columbia, 89.5 FM (, listener-sponsored radio.

  4. KDHX, here in St. Louis. Live DJ’s 24 hours a day, live studio performances. The best radio station I have ever listened to, or probably ever will. says: Well that didn’t take long.

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