Why I stopped watching American Idol

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Let me clarify. As you probably know, the reality show, American Idol, is based on a British show called Britain’s Got Talent Pop Idol. Also the brain child of Simon Cowell.

For a couple of seasons I was completely addicted to American Idol. Planned my week around the show. Then I figured out it was all a put-up. The contestants were not really amateurs, but ringers. Not-quite-pros passed off as the boy or girl next door. I don’t know if the UK version is the same shite as here in the U.S. but this video makes me want to believe it’s not.

I don’t believe this woman has a record contract. Or an agent. Or a publicist. I believe — I want to believe– she is what she says she is. THIS is what makes the show work (if it works at all).

And if you discover this is all a ruse and Susan is lip-syncing the song, please… please don’t tell me.

File this post under sentimental sap. BTW… 3.5 million views in 3 days.

4 thoughts on “Why I stopped watching American Idol

  1. I don’t now and have never followed any of the aforementioned “formulaic” shows (American or British), but I’m glad you posted this. Inspirational on so many levels. Here’s to all the “beautiful” undiscovereds. Hope Susan survives the notoriety.

  2. If I had my way Adam “what ever his last name is” would have never made it to the stage. I don’t really like him, but, hell, he is good. They should have given him a contract on the front end and left the other ones to compete

  3. Americans – or at least the majority of Americans who watch Idol – would not know what to make of Paul Potts or Susan Boyle, imo. Opera? What’s that? Appreciation for Broadway musicals is a little bigger, but not by much. Idol is all about churning out safe, formulaic popstars . . . as if we need any more of those.

  4. I could be wrong but I believe that American Idol was based on Pop Idol from the UK. We also have an America’s Got Talent. That said, you are dead right. First Paul Potts and now Susan. Where the hell are these people in the states?

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