5 thoughts on “Ice Cycling

  1. Why is going downhill on the overpass the ‘hardest part of the ride’?
    Also, how did you stop and ‘look both ways’ . . . are you one of those ‘bike balancer’ types?
    Very funny stuff Steve . . . love watching the experiments.

  2. Bob’s right. You can’t see the damn fez. This really was a half-assed effort and if I weren’t philosophically opposed to yanking a post, I’d yank this one. But lesson learned: if you’re going to ask folks to watch your home movie… give it your best shot.

  3. Actually it’s only about 4.5 miles. And I always wear a shirt . . .
    And yeah, where the heck was the fez?

  4. Good advice, Henry. But pulling the camera further back brought edges of green screen into the frame.
    Tried to compensate with a little zoom but still too close to the camera.
    I did try to turn a few times to show the fez but I was perilously perched on a bike that was ducked tape to a step ladder (you had to be there). I kept tipping the bike over.
    I could make a list of all the things wrong with this effort.
    I love how my handful of faithful readers take my green screen efforts so much more seriously than I do. I really need to get in the game.

  5. Good start, but try it again with the camera further behind you so that you are smaller in the frame. Also, we never saw the Fez! Last, I think it would be good if you turned around once in awhile and looked at the camera directly.
    But I loved “The End” plastered on your butt.

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