“…how you get here and how you stay here.”

Folks at tech President excerpted some remarks by Senator Claire McCaskill that explain –in part– why she finds Twitter a useful tool:

“I realized that what happens to people in this work — because you get shot at in the process of getting here, you begin building up this barrier of “Okay, I’ve got to be careful about what I say. Because if I really say something I’m going to make somebody mad.” And you don’t want to make anybody mad, right? You want everybody to love you, because that’s how you get here and that’s how you stay here.”

“That’s really why I do it. I think it keeps me in the discipline of not being afraid to say things that may not be perfect, that may actually offend, that may actually truly reflect what I’m thinking and why.”

You can watch the video of Senator McCaskill’s speech (from “Elected and Connected: Uses, Dangers and Benefits of Being an Elected Official in a 2.0 World“)

“…that’s how you get here and that’s how you stay here.” And it’s all about staying there. I think the senator is going to be there a long time. [Thanks, Bob]

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