Blogs turn websites into conversations

A couple of years ago my friend Everett asked my advice on a website. He’s a veterinarian and had your basic Web 1.0 site. I suggested he think about a blog because I knew he was a good story teller and would be a natural. And he is.

He often writes about cases he sees in his practice and gets lots of feedback from readers, many of whom have questions.

“Even though I certainly cannot prescribe for a pet that I have not examined, sometimes I can clarify a situation, or make suggestions.  Sometimes they just have questions that weren’t addressed in the original post, but are related to the topic. I receive questions from around the country, and even Europe and (today) Tanzania.”

I share this as just one more example of the powerful difference between a blog and the old “brochure” sites that are still all too common.  Some day –soon, perhaps– this will not be worth mentioning. Everyone will get it and all or most websites will be blogs or have a strong blog component. I believe this is called the “Duh Moment.”

Everett’s blog is If you have a pet, it’s a must read.

One thought on “Blogs turn websites into conversations

  1. That’s an unusual and entertaining blog for a change. I loved the story about the tennis ball eating police dog !

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