5 questions for Sheryl Crow

Regular readers know that Barb and I are from the same small town in southern Missouri as Sheryl Crow. A small Brush with Near Greatness. On a recent road trip I came up with five questions I'd ask Ms. Crow, if I had the opportunity. In the off chance her publicist or agent (or daddy) finds their way to this post…

  1. What group or artist do you have on your iPod that would be most surprising to your fans?
  2. Do you have a favorite book you've read more than twice?
  3. If you could pass along just one life lesson or bit of wisdom to young Wyatt, what would it be?
  4. What do you miss most (if anything) about being a civilian? (Sorry, but answer cannot be: "Running in to QuikTrip for a quart of milk, wearing Roy Rogers pajama bottoms & torn sweat shirt.")
  5. Do you have any skill or trick that would win a bar bet?

One thought on “5 questions for Sheryl Crow

  1. I’d like to ask her about some of her instruments and things like that. What kind of strings used, how may guitars, do you really sign all of the Gibson Sheryl Crow signature guitars, what guitar did you learn on, can you do your own adjustments – that kind of thing. I suspect young Wyatt will be playing stuff very soon. How could you not with such a musical family let alone Mom.
    Have your list handy in case you ever meet up and have a chance to ask. I went to a show recently, saw her jogging by but didn’t want to disrupt the pre-show routine (I guess it’s that) – just didn’t want to be “one of those kind of fans”. I would have loved an autograph all the same (though I have one if the Gibson label is true :0)

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