Tessie Hubbard is Panty Mython

Tessie Hubbard (aka Panty Mython) has produced more than 80 videos that have been viewed more than 34,000 times by a thousand YouTube subscribers. Along the way she managed to watch some 25,000 videos.

We bumped into each other online and she was kind enough to meet me at the Coffee Zone this morning to talk about her work/play/art. For someone who is so comfortable in front of the camera, she seemed a little shy but that’s common with most of the people I stalk. It is my fondest desire to someday collaborate with her on a project. And for goodness sake, watch some of her videos.

PS: As part of my on-going effort to find the best way to share video, here’s the YouTube version of this video, and .m4v files are in my Mobile Me gallery.

PPS: Tessie’s Oragami Star and 51 Random Things videos.

2 thoughts on “Tessie Hubbard is Panty Mython

  1. Wow…I just checked out a few of her videos. That broad is really twisted! And that’s exactly why I clicked the “subscribe” button…

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