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I received a cryptic overnight email that simply asked, "How much for it?" It was signed 'Steve Mays.' At first I thought it was one of the frequent reminders I email myself. But then I noticed the email was different.

Oh. It must be Steve Mays (West), the Seattle attorney who owns the domain He's decided to sell the domain? That seemed unlikely, so I pinged back:

"Nope…. Steve Mays from New Jersey. I did a whois on and found this e-mail address. Let me know of a price that would interest you. I should say now I'm not willing to pay more then 50 bucks for it. I don't think you'll let it go for that much, but let me know."

I hope to learn more about New Jersey Steve Mays. Why, for example, does he (sort of) want to purchase Does he blog or have an online business.
If he's poked around here he knows I've been at this address since February, 2002. Why would I move for $50?

I might not hear back from NJSM. I responded –nicely, I hope– that I wouldn't sell for $100K. Not sure I can explain why. This little blog doesn't make me a dime. And I could pack up and move to (which appears to be available) and some of you would find me again. But it wouldn't be the same.

If New Jersey Steve is reading this, I hope he gets back to me because I'd like to learn more about him and his online plans. Maybe an interview?

PS for Steve Mays West: I notice your site appers to be down. Hope all is well.

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