MacBook iSight camera delivers best green screen effect

Isight-greenscreen200My final experiment with the chroma key or green screen effect proved the most fruitful. This 2 minute video clip was recorded straight into iMovie 09 using the built-in iSight camera on the MacBook Pro. I used an external USB mic that deliver excellent sound.

As I said in the test video, moving video from the cameras to the Mac… fire wire cables… a big hassle. Going straight into the Mac is a hell of a lot easier and the resulting video effect is superior to my previous efforts. I posted this clip to my Mobile Me account so you can see the video without the YouTube compression. Thanks for your patience while I farted around with this. The flag and sunrise (set?) bkg video has lots of potential.

One thought on “MacBook iSight camera delivers best green screen effect

  1. Hi Steve-

    Thanks for all of your work on the green screen experiment, both in the posting and the actual experiment. It will help me greatly.

    Best regards,


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