Even simple video projects gobble up hours

VideoplayerI spent most of Sunday trying to achieve a credible chroma key effect from my little basement set. When my early efforts –using the Casio Exilim– showed promise, I switched to the Sony Camcorder (Hi8) to take advantage of the external mic. The audio was great but I was unable to produce a usable green screen effect. After hours of trial-and-error, trying to figure out what was different, it hit me: the camera. So I switched back to the Casio and immediately got better results. Not perfect, but better. But now the audio sucks a little. (5 min Order of the Fez update)
I’ll keep at this until I get it. Next experiment will be recording with the built-in iSight camera on the MacBook Pro. In three…two…

4 thoughts on “Even simple video projects gobble up hours

  1. Reply to Andy (and I think you meant to comment on post about Mac iSight):
    The analogy that comes to mind is, which takes better photos:
    The $5,000 Nikon back in the glove compartment, or the $300 point-and-shoot hanging on your belt? The only good camera is one you have with you.

  2. You’ve got a good point there about the technology…
    Looks like the iSight camera is doing a great job. I wonder what kind of compression those files use… works well with chroma keying, obviously!
    You can get a good key on uncompressed digital video, no matter what the camera source, but that 4:2:2 color space on compressed files gives the software more color information to work with for a smooth key. Spill supression helps too, but iMovie doesn’t have it I don’t think…
    BTW, your lighting looks great!

  3. “pro level camera”
    Appreciate the tip, Andy, but I don’t think I need a pro video camera to capture me beer-fueled sketch comedy.
    And if you’ll recall, we had all the tech in Vietnam and were defeated by guys wearing rubber shower thongs.

  4. The compression codec that the cameras use is probably to blame for the not-so-good results. The color space the video comression uses can also cause issues. The more you spend, the better the results (who would have thought…)
    If you want excellent results, try a pro level camera that records in 4:2:2 color space, or capture your video files “uncompressed”.

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