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EaglesstageThe Eagles provided the soundtrack for an important period in my life. Equally true, I assume, for others in the audience at last night’s Eagles concert. A lady sitting near us wasn’t born when the Eagles hit it big, but grew up listening with her parents.

The boys had to strain to hit a few of the notes but the memories were picture perfect. I like to think it’s more than Boomer nostalgia that keeps filling auditoriums for Stones and Eagles concerts. Which of today’s big artists will still be filling the seats in thirty years?

This photo was taken from the Cessna 350 as we flew over. But I’m not really complaining. We could see the jumbotron screens and music was loud enough, even from a couple of thousand feet.

It was a good show. The guitar licks alone would have been worth the price of the ticket.

2 thoughts on “Eagles concert

  1. It was a fantastic concert. I made it over for the Columbia show, which was the second time I’ve seen the Eagles in the past year.
    Fantastic sound, although their show in STL was louder and more full-sounding. I felt they did an incredible job utilizing video for effect – not just camera work but also the footage behind them. These guys are truly in great form, and I could see them going another 5 or 10 years if they choose to.
    A friend and I also had the conversation about which of today’s artists will draw sell-out crowds in 30 years. We couldn’t come up with a single act.

  2. A friend an I had a discussion about seeing Clapton/Winwood this summer and the 20-30 year topic came up as well.
    Instead of worrying about today’s artists we made a list of who we wanted to see again before they (or I) died.
    Just a few….
    BB King
    Neil Young
    Eric Clapton
    Long live good old rock n’ roll……

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