Stills from Flip HD


Speaking of cameras. I’ve been shooting a little video with the Flip HD. While there’s much to recommend it, there are some things I don’t like. It’s very unforgiving in terms of motion. The smallest movement of the camera seems to result in very jerky video. The Casio (sniff) was much more tolerant. If there was image stablilization going on, I was unaware of it. And the tiny viewing screen makes it tough to walk and shoot, which I can do pretty well with the Casio.

On the plus side, I’ve found I can get a pretty decent still from the Flip video by pausing and doing a screen capture. Several in my inauguration set were done this way. Low tech but nice in a pinch.

And you gotta pan the Flip video slooowly (see above). Barb has her Casio for tomorrow and I’ll be relying on the iPhone and the Flip.

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