Learfield Sports: New Hires

The brief (3 min) video above was shot and edited by Mallory Glosier, who work’s in Learfield’s Dallas office. It introduces three employees taking part in one of our New Hire Academies.

I take undeserved pride in this little clip because I nagged Mallory into messing with video and threatened (her boss) to buy her a flip video if the company would not. He came through and she has been posting some really good stuff to one of the blogs on our intranet.

Our company has gotten bigger and bigger which makes maintaining the company values (“Grow the Company, Build the Team and Have Fun”) increasingly difficult. I’ve lobbied long and hard that a good blog is a much more effective tool than email, newsletter, Powerpoint decks, etc etc. But Mallory picked up the digital ball and ran it into the end zone.

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