3 thoughts on “Inauguration pix

  1. I defer to Henry on anything having to do with digital images. He’s the pro. Posting 60 images inline would greatly increase the load time of the page and result in one very long post.
    The little flickr slide show is not intended for serious review of our photos, rather to alert the reader -in a useful way- that we HAVE photos. Not unlike the little flickr badge in the sidebar.
    Anyone wanting a closer look would click the link to our flickr set where they could –if they choose– view the original (larger) images.

  2. I greatly enjoyed your posts on your trip to attend the inauguration. I can’t say I wish I was there with you. It sounds like you were freezing your butts off!
    Minor comment: I did not find it easy to browse your pictures in the Flickr set. I prefer having all the images load at once, one on top of the other. I first saw this on Guy Kawasaki’s blog and have started using it myself. http://blog.guykawasaki.com/

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