Inauguration: Day Two

After a chilly wait in a long line, we have the coveted tickets to tomorrow’s inauguration. We clumsily asked the nice guys in Congressman Blunt’s (R) office if they were going to the inauguration (“Uh, no”). We forgot for a moment that not everything thinks this is as wonderful as we do.

Our tickets are in South Standing (see blue area of map above). Call it emotional proximity. The plan is to hit the Metro as early as possible (4am?). Gonna be another long, cold wait. After the event, a mob scene for sure as we try to make our way to Barb’s office at the other end of the parade route. Then back to base camp for party change and a return to convention center for the ball.

Not expecting to be able to do much more than Twitter tomorrow (if that).

One thought on “Inauguration: Day Two

  1. You say emotional proximity, I say satellite proximity or maybe you’d be better off watching it on TV at home in the warm… Just call my a cynic.

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