6 thoughts on “Caption contest

  1. “As Marvin entered the liquor store, he deduced that it would be cheaper and less embarassing to abandon the vehicle than to purchase the amount of cheap wine he would need to continue with the date. He now rides a bike and hasn’t returned to the personals page on ‘Craig’s List’ in months.”

  2. And he could have, at least, unfastened this seat belt, so I could go up and sniff the message Rex left on the bicycle tires.

  3. Jeesh…another stupid person trick. Does he really think I’ll pass to qualify him for the HOV lane?

  4. Man, Steve and James Woods have been in there forever. How long can it take to find a copy of New Kids on the Block’s Greatest Hits, anyway?

  5. Blog readers discover that Steve Mays has a new imaginary friend to help withthe tedium of long car journeys (instead of picking strangers up at bus stops).

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