“Your boy is straight, and he can ball”

Learfield (where I work) CEO and Chief Blogger Clyde Lear points us to a really good article about our new president. The piece (for Time’s Man of the Year issue) was written by Craig Robinson, the head basketball coach at Oregon State. His sister, Michelle, will soon be the First Lady. Robinson knows basketball and what the game can tell about a man. My favorite graph from the article:

“What does Barack’s game say about the man, about the way he’s going to lead this country through these very trying times? Well, he’s competitive yet inclusive. He’s unselfish, which, where I come from, is the greatest compliment you can give both a player and a leader. And he’s consistent. You’ve got a guy at the top who ran a campaign — and who is going to run a government — in a classy, efficient and considerate manner. That’s the same guy I got to know playing hoops when he was dating my sister.”

Basketball was my game. I rode the bench in high school but loved playground pick-up ball. The person you are on court is the real you. Ask anyone who ever played.

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