You are what you ring

There are just so many ways to be an asshole with a mobile phone. You can be the jerk that lets you know he’s hot shit by barking orders to the folks back at the office. Or the dildo that can’t remember to turn off the ringer in a movie or conference, no matter how many times he’s reminded.

I’m still a mobile newbie but my plan is to excuse myself when I get a call while with others, and step away to quietly take the call or arrange to call them back.

And then there are ring tones. No way around it, your ringtone says something about you. I know this from the disdainful looks I always got when my Tracfone busted out with one of the classic tones.

The new iPhone comes with some nice ringtones but none of them are really me. (Well, maybe the quacking duck) Fortunately, I stumbled across the Zen collection from iRing Pro.

These aren’t ring “tunes.”
These aren‘t some 11-year-olds’ ringtones. You’ll find no annoying songs, or silly sound effects. The Zen Collection consists of smart, attractive, livable alerts engineered to ensure universal appeal, and provide a high tolerance for routine use and repetition.

I heard you the first time.
iRingPro iPhone Ringtones are timed with moderately longer pauses between ring repeats. So there is no hurried fumbling, no urgency. You have time to see who’s calling, often before the second ring. You’re in control, not your phone.

You are what you ring.
A phone’s ring broadcasts many things about its user. iRingPro iPhone Ringtones ensure that what is perceived when your phone rings is technically advanced, considerate, and envyingly fashionable. Now, more than ever, a professional presence can make the difference.

Also from their website: “You own the best phone money can buy, we believe it should sound like it.” Hell, yeah.