Sharing photos from the iPhone

I’m starting to get the hang of what it takes to get a decent photo with the iPhone. Good light and a steady hand. A little app called Night Photo (thanks, Tom) helps with the latter. You click the shutter but it doesn’t snap the photo until the camera is still (using the iPhone’s accelerometer). Takes an extra second or two to get the shot but it’s nice and sharp.

Most mobile phone pix I’ve seen have been poor quality and an amazing number of users have told me there is no way to get the photos off the camera except to email them.

You can email pix from the iPhone but if you have a Mobile Me (formerly .mac), you can set up a gallery and email your pix there. The gallery syncs with your iPhoto application back on your laptop or desktop. Once there, you can do what you will with them. I just tag and title them, which syncs back with the gallery pix.

Visitors to my gallery can see the pix in a variety of ways: grid, mosaic, carousel, slideshow. They can download pix, subscribe to the gallery RSS feed, etc.

There have been –and remain– issues with Mobile Me but the concept is great. A secure place for all my Apple devices to sync up and share.