Missouri Capitol in HDR

I’ve seen a lot of very nice photos of the Missouri Capitol. It’s such a beautiful building it’s almost hard to take a bad photo. But I really like this one by Andy Richmond, using a process called HDR (Hygh Dynamic Range).


Andy explains:

“Basically, you shoot a set of over exposed, underexposed, and properly exposed images so that you capture details in the areas of the scene from the extreme highlights to the dark shadows. The exposures are combined into a single image that applies the details to all areas of the image, making something that looks almost like a painting, but is still a photograph. It is somewhat like what an artist does when they paint a photo…they view the scene with their eye, which constantly adjusts to the brightness of the area of the scene they are looking at, and their brain  reassembles this into one image in their memory which they regurgitate on canvas/paper.”